In Touch Devotional By Dr Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley In Touch Devotional for 10 November 2022

In Touch Devotional for 10 November 2022


Dr. Charles Stanley In Touch Devotional for 10 November 2022

You are welcome to Today’s In Touch Daily Devotional written by Dr Charles Stanley and published by In Touch Ministry. Charles F. Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries and a New York Times best-selling author. He demonstrates a keen awareness of people’s needs and provides Christ-centered biblically-based principles for everyday life.

Wednesday Today’s Topic: The Ultimate Father-Son
Through Christ, we can have a close relationship with our heavenly Father.

In Touch Devotional for 10 November 2022

SCRIPTURE: John 5:18-20


God is called by a variety of names in the Bible, and each one sheds light on an aspect of His nature. When referring to Him, Jesus often chose to use the title “Father.” While this name for God is used in the Old Testament, we see its use increase exponentially in the New Testament.

Many of God’s names speak of His majestic and lofty attributes that separate Him from His created beings, but what’s unique about Father is that it conveys intimacy. Jesus used this name not only because He was God’s Son but also to communicate that God is a Father to all who believe in Christ.

Throughout His time on earth, Jesus revealed by example what this kind of loving relationship was like. He depended completely on His Father for daily direction, power, and provision and obediently carried out every instruction. He often found a secluded place to spend private time in prayer.

Do you long for the intimacy with God that our Savior had? Have you entered into this kind of relationship through faith in Jesus? If so, God has given you the privilege of drawing near to Him. In fact, before the foundation of the world, He chose you to be in His family.

Bible in One Year: Acts 3-4

Dr. Charles Stanley In Touch Devotional for 10 November 2022

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