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Dr Charles Stanley’s In Touch Devotional 5 June 2024

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Dr Charles Stanley’s In Touch Devotional 5 June 2024


Today’s Topic: The Impact of Deeper Growth
A close and personal relationship with God gives us the strength needed to endure whatever life brings.

Dr Charles Stanley’s In Touch Devotional 5 June 2024 Message

Scripture: Colossians 2:6-7

After a hurricane a few years ago, a photographer captured an interesting picture of a tree. It stood tall above the ground on what looked like stilts. Upon closer examination, however, it was easy to see that those “stilts” were actually the exposed root system. The tree had grown deep and wide, and that strength held firm, even as storm-tossed waves washed away the sand and soil around its trunk. The tree survived because of the patient work it had done creating its base.

We, too, can be hardy like this tree, able to withstand life’s many challenges. As we fix our eyes on Jesus and meditate on His Word, the roots of our faith grow and stretch more deeply. When we delve into God’s Word, though the winds blow and the sands shift beneath us, we can focus on His character instead of our worries. Then we’re able to experience His great love and mercy amid our fears (Luke 8:22-25).

When we know the Lord is with us, we can endure all things. So spend a few moments in prayer today, asking God to help you grow like that tree standing tall and strong on its roots, whatever comes.

Bible in One Year: Job 17-21

Dr Charles Stanley's In Touch Devotional 5 June 2024

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