Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024

Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024 – 8th January 2024 (Day 1)


Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024 – 8th January 2024 (Day 1)

Join The Dunamis Fasting And Prayer For The Year 2024 which begins today, Monday 8 January 2024 at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Glory Dome, Abuja with Dr Paul Enenche.

What an awesome God we serve. Thank you Jesus for your preservation power!m at work!
Connect tonight, it’s a spiritual fire night to set the pace for the fasting and prayers beginning tomorrow. Prayer time remains 11:30pm (WAT), (GMT+1)

Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024 – 8th January 2024 (Day 1)

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By: Dr Paul Enenche
SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the blessing power of dedication to God
The way of dedication to God is confirmed to be the way of the blessing (Matt. 6:33)

1. Those who seek God don’t struggle to see good
2. If your priority is God your possibilities are great
3. The way to see God is also the way to see good
4. Addiction to God is key to additions in life
5. If God is before you (in front of you), good must be both behind and around you
6. The place you give to God determines the place you find in life
7. Search for God ends the search for good
8. If God does not beg you to seek Him, you won’t beg to see good.
9. To be in pursuit of God is to be pursued by good
10. If you follow the way of God, you end up colliding with good.
11. If God occupies the first place in your life, you must occupy the first place in life.
12. If God takes His place in your life, the devil loses place in your life. (John 1:5)

1. Abraham – He was a symbol of the blessing and a pattern of dedication to God
2. Job – He was tremendously blessed but unquestionably dedicated to God (Job 1:1-3)
3. David – He was the picture of addiction to God, who was a symbol of distinction in life
4. Daniel – He was rigid in dedication and he abounded in the blessing
It pays to be dedicated to God

1. Obeying God without question (Gen. 12:1-5)
He was willing to go where God asked him to go without knowing where it was
He was willing to go where God asked him to go without knowing how long it would take to get there
He was willing to go where God asked him to go without knowing what he would encounter on the way
He was willing to go where God asked him to go without knowing without conferring with flesh and blood
So many of us, our education is the enemy of our revelation and His intervention
Many have to argue and negotiate with God but it was not so with Abraham
You can’t sing that ‘Abraham’s blessings are mine’ without ensuring that Abraham’s dedication is yours

2. Evangelizing and discipling his world for God (Gen. 18:19)
Many people are claiming promises without walking in the covenant
i. Every genuinely saved child of God has an experience with God that they can’t keep to themselves
ii. If your experience with God is real, your world must hear it, see it and feel it
The touch of God on your life must translate into the touch of God through your life – that is what dedication is all about
In your world, what effort do you make to ensure that your life touches those around you
If you want God to be free with you as far as the blessing is concerned, be free with Him as far as dedication is concerned

3. Standing before God habitually at the place of prayer (Gen. 19:27)
Dedicated people have schedules with God; they have appointments with God
Dedication makes you to do things with God habitually, not occasionally
Habitual devotion is the lifestyle of the dedicated
There are many people who have time for many things but lack time for God
People have time for work, for school, to eat, to sleep, to chat, for movies, for hair plaiting but no time for God and it is a major tragedy of life
In 2024, determine to give God that priority of timing.

4. Holding nothing back from God (Gen. 22:1-3)
Nothing was too big for Abraham to give to God; nothing was too big to come between Abraham and God
If you have not come to the point where God can make a demand on you and there is no problem then you have not started your journey with God yet
God is not looking for what to take from you, He is looking for what to give to you

5. Separation from ungodly roots and environment (Gen. 12:1)
There is no dedication without separation
i. Separation from ungodly habits or lifestyle
ii. Separation from old ways of life
iii. Separation from ungodly company and association
iv. Separation from unholy environments or localities
v. Separation from ungodly sources of livelihood

6. Standing in the gap in prayer for the ungodly (Gen. 18:23-25)
Our dedication to God will demand our intercession for others
Stand in the gap for family, friends, neighbours, colleagues at work, employees and employer.

7. Commitment to God despite setback (Rom. 4:20; Job 13:15; Dan. 3:16-18; Luke 13:10-19)
Commitment to God despite setback is proof of dedication
i. Dedication will ensure that you don’t question God because of setback
ii. Dedication will ensure that you don’t quarrel with God in setback
iii. Dedication will ensure that you don’t murmur against God because of setback
iv. Dedication will ensure that you don’t slow down or slack in the service of God because of setback
v. Dedication will ensure that you don’t lose confidence and trust in God because of setback
Dedication is the way of unconditional commitment (Job 13:15; Dan. 3:16-18; Luke 13:10-19)
No stopping, no parking, no slowing, no turning, FORWARD EVER!

8. Looking up to nobody but God (Gen. 14:22-23)
i. Nobody takes the place of God in your life
ii. Nobody plays the role of God in your life
iii. Nobody is allowed to be recognised as source of supply, strength or confidence.
iv. No one is as important as God in your life
v. No one is more important than God in your life

1. The Blessing of Divine guidance (Gen. 12:1-3; 22:1-3)
2. The Blessing of Supernatural Supplies (Gen. 13:2; 24:1)
3. The Blessing of Strength and Health (Gen. 14:14; 22:1-3)
4. The Blessing of Preservation – Divine Defence (Gen. 20:3)
5. The Blessing of Divine Life – Longevity (Gen. 25:7-8)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today; to You be all the glory, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I shall receive Abraham’s blessing and I shall also receive Abraham’s dedication. I receive the grace to receive Abraham’s dedication Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I come before You today to surrender my life to You; I receive Your help to obey You without the question, the grace to evangelize and disciple my world for You, the grace to stand habitually before You and the grace to hold nothing back from You. I receive that grace Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

– This year shall be your best year so far!
– Grace to live for God, to be donated to Him and to live for His purpose is released to you right now!
– Things will continue as usual! Your journey is taking a turn for the best!
– There is the breaking of an ancient cycle!
– The battle you lost before, that battle you will win right now!
– there is a release of a higher level of grace, oil and fire to tackle the battles of your life
– There is the release of the mystery of the Hand of the Lord – that Hand that made Elijah outrun the chariots of Ahab; the years that your life was slowed down, those years you are recovering them this year!
– That which constituted a distraction, today I declare it is over!
– Receive fresh oil and fire to defeat what once defeated you!
– The pattern of previous years cannot continue this year!
– The altars of your father’s that have not allowed you to rest are hereby set on fire!
– Every spirit or discouragement is arrested!
– Your strength will not fail you! Your health will not fail you!

Thanks for joining Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024 – 8th January 2024 (Day 1)

Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2024 - 8th January 2024 (Day 1)

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