NSPPD Tuesday March 22, 2022 Declarations by Pastor Jerry Eze

NSPPD Tuesday March 22, 2022 Declarations by Pastor Jerry Eze

NSPPD Tuesday March 22, 2022 Declarations by Pastor Jerry Eze

Follow up and declare with Pastor Jerry Eze on these powerful and prophetic declarations.


The Word of the Lord in 2 Thessalonians 1:6 (TPT) says “It is RIGHT and JUST for God to trouble your troublers!!! Therefore Child of God, receive these Declarations by Fire in Jesus’ Name🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Arise, Let the mountains scatter, let limitations break, let bondage be destroyed, let wickedness be destroyed!
In the same manner that the veil in the throne room was torn into two, I command let every covering over your life tear by fire right now!

  • NSPPD Tuesday March 22, 2022 Declarations by Pastor Jerry Eze

Every spoiler of your joy, of your goodnews, I decree break right now. Deliverance is coming!
I hear the Lord say I am ending every repeated battle. Hear me right now repeated battle, Break!!!
Today we decree, sword of God deliverance, enter and cut down wherever there is marital delay, shame, affliction, evil covering…. Cut down!

Every planting of the enemy in your family… be Cut down by fire!
I don’t know who you are but thus saith the Lord, they will not take what belongs to you!

Hear me as I hear the Lord, no matter what they are doing, your name will miraculously enter that list. Forget the conclusion or report or what they are doing. The Lord said, I will show you that I am God. Your name will miraculously enter!
From today let your goodnews start!

I am aware it has been settled, I am aware that God has done it… but as your amen will this thunder, let the manifestation burst out. This season will it pass you by!

The same mouth that said HOW, hear me as I hear the Lord, they will join in your celebration!
Any favour they stole from your life, let it be restored right now!

Marital doors are open. Financial doors are open. Whatever you do not want to see in your life, I decree close by fire. You will not cry bitter tears. You are called the blessed of the lord. You are called Beulah. The lord surround you like a shield. You are delivered from the expectations of the wicked.

I know there is no man in your life right now but you are getting married in the next 3 months. A new chapter has opened in your life.

I see the true worth of your destiny. You were wearing a white garment but now it is shining like the sun. What people saw and they were clapping for you, they should get ready what is about to happen, Let the fullness of your destiny burst out.

Anyone under any marine spirit, ancestral forces, evil cycle and evil patterns, projection form any wicked altar, handwriting of ordinances, I command break by fire. You are delivered.

Any projection in your dream scatter by fire.
Any stronghold in your mind working against you, scatter by fire.

Any ugly hand tampering with the baby in your womb, so that when you give birth you will be shocked at the baby you gave birth to… I reverse it by fire.

Near success syndrome break. Failure break, disappointment break, lack of marital favour break. Every negativity break. Your soul has escaped.

What stopped it the last time will not stop it this time.
I announce all doors are open! Enter your MORE. Enter your GREATER.

Anyone looking for the fruit of the womb, carry your babies right now.
You are whole. You are healed. You are delivered.
It Is Done!!!

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God bless you! NSPPD Tuesday March 22, 2022 Declarations by Pastor Jerry Eze

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