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Open Heaven Teens for 3rd May 2022 | The Holy Spirit Before Pentecost

Open Heaven Teens for 3rd May 2022

Open Heaven Teens for 3rd May 2022 | The Holy Spirit Before Pentecost

Read and Meditate on Today’s RCCG Open Heaven Devotional for Teens, Tuesday 3 May 2022 written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye. God bless you as you study and share with other people.



Read: John 16:12-14

Open Heaven Teens for 3rd May 2022 | Memorise

“The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” Job 33:4

Any time I have the opportunity to teach children about the person of the Holy Spirit, a question always pops up which is: Mummy, was the Holy Spirit present before the day of Pentecost? and I always answer with Yes. He has been before the creation of the universe. The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity and He works hand in hand with God and Jesus Christ. In Genesis 1:1-31 , He was instrumental to the creation of the world.

Amidst the darkness, He moved and darkness became light. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit acted as a conscience, leading people to know the difference between right and wrong. It is the same experience when you are about to do something wrong; He instructs you not to or suggests the right thing to do, but He wont force or struggle with you (Genesis 6:1-3 ). For instance, Samson experienced the move of the Holy Spirit often but refused to obey His instructions.

Gradually, the Holy Spirit left him and he lost his power (Judges 16:4-21 ). If you can submit yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will never make any regrettable mistake in life.

Point: Desire and pursue a beautiful relationship with the Holy Spirit henceforth.

Bible in One Year: Luke 23:27-56 , 1 Kings 6:1-38 , 1 Kings 7:1-51

Thank you for reading Today’s Open Heaven Teens for 3rd May 2022
PRAYER OF SALVATIONA MINUTE PRAYER COULD SAVE YOU “O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life; I’m born again. Thank you Lord for saving my soul! I’m now a child of God. Hallelujah!” Congratulations! You are Born Again... Get closer to God by reading your BIBLE and worshiping with other believers.
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