Prophetic Word For Today 13 January 2023 | Friday

Prophetic Word For Today 13 January 2023 | Friday

Prophetic Word For Today 13 January 2023 | Friday

Welcome to Daily Prophetic Word For Today 13th January 2023 by Prophet Russ Walden. May the Almighty God bless you as you declare a word today, Amen!


Remember: You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways. – Job 22:28, NKJV

The Father says today, be interruptible, for interruptions of glory are coming. There will be a knock at the door, and someone will be standing there saying, “I was driving by, and SOMETHING compelled me to stop and knock on your door – can you help me?” You will be in the grocery, and the clerk will reach for your items and look at your face and start weeping – are you ready for that? You will be unable to go about business as usual, for there is nothing normal about what I’m doing in you and through you.

They will block traffic around your house for the people crowding around, and you didn’t even plan to do anything other than go about your day – for I AM HERE, and I AM CHANGING and CHANGING and CHANGING those things that have crowded out My presence in the earth. Neighborhoods and cities and nations will be interrupted says the Father, as I come to redeem the purchased possession and claim what I paid for on the cross. No longer will unbelief or the theology of failure dominate My people, for I am NOW showing them what a Living, Loving, and Present God is willing and capable of doing. Are you ready? Knock, knock, knock!

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