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Prophetic Word For Today 17 January 2023 | Tuesday

Prophetic Word For Today 16 January 2023 | Monday

Prophetic Word For Today 17 January 2023 | Tuesday

Welcome to Daily Prophetic Word For Today 17th January 2023 by Prophet Russ Walden. May the Almighty God bless you as you declare a word today, Amen!


Remember: You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways. – Job 22:28, NKJV

The Father says today, do not allow the urgent to eclipse the important in your life. Make it your determination this day to invest your energies into your potential and not your problem. Problems, like the poor, are always with us – but your potential has a shelf life that must not be ignored. There is a door of opportunity before you. I don’t want you to simply knock – I want you to take this door off its hinges and enter in with audacious faith, believing that you are who I say you are, regardless of circumstances.

Let your eyes see today who I have crafted you to be. See yourself in the vast glory of My potential that lives on the inside of you. Your potential is independent of circumstances. In fact, your potential rules over circumstance and will bring you out of deprivation, restriction, and lack, as you focus on the throne. I created you for increase, birthing, acceleration, and fruitfulness. This is your base state in My kingdom. Rejoice in that provision, says the Father, and see it manifest as your experience this day.

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