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September 17, 2022 Your Daily Prayer for Saturday

September 17, 2022 Your Daily Prayer for Saturday

September 17, 2022 Your Daily Prayer for Saturday

Welcome to Your Daily Prayer for Saturday 17th September 2022 – A Prayer for What Counts. God bless and prosper you as you study and pray!


Topic: A Prayer for What Counts By Meg Bucher

Scripture: “It doesn’t matter whether we have been circumcised or not. What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.” – Galatians 6:15 NLT

Unworthiness is an epidemic. In a world bent on “self,” there are so many lost in search of themselves. Anxiety and depression are sky-high. We weren’t meant to live for ourselves but for something so much greater. Someone so much greater. In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, he addresses one behavior out of a million ways in which people try to gain favor in life. If only we accomplish the next goal or reach the next level. But unworthiness is quick to remind us …it’s never enough. So, what is?

Circumcision was a ceremonial process God’s Old Testament people participated in out of obedience. “In the Bible this word is used both literally and figuratively,” Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary explains, “Uncircumcision represented unbelief and disobedient to the covenant of God.” Paul used an extreme example that would be familiar to all parties involved in the conversation: Jews and Gentiles. Both people groups were having a hard time accepting the fact Jesus came to free and save all of them. The VOICE paraphrase reads:

“Let me be clear: circumcision won’t save you- uncircumcision won’t either for that matter – both amount to nothing. God’s new creation is what counts, and it counts for everything.”

God’s people struggled to understand their unworthiness. Circumcised or not, they were all unworthy without the sacrificial blood of Christ Jesus, as are we today. “Paul asserted that mere externals- circumcision or the lack thereof- mean nothing. Instead, for Paul, the cross- a shameful means of torture and execution- was a cause for boasting,” Moody Bible Commentary explains, “It brought two things: a decisive break from worldly perspectives (world …crucified to me) and real spiritual life (new creation).”

The inner change is more important than the outer changes in our behavior. Ceremonial or not, we all wake up each morning the same sinners we were when we laid our heads down to sleep. The difference for those living in the love of Christ Jesus is the new mercy we receive every day from the Lord through Him. The change on the inside affects what others see from the outside.

Through Christ, we find our sense of worth. The purpose God built into the fabric of who we are When we stay in touch with our Creator, we see and understand everything around us from a fresh, godly perspective. Everything changes from the inside out.

Let’s pray today not to get caught up in what we do or do not do but to focus on who we are in Christ Jesus.

Today we pray for a fresh perspective. Help us to see life through Your eyes, Father. Your creation is good! Yet, in a world surrounded by so much wrong and tainted with sin and evil, it can be hard to see. Continue to change us from the inside out, God. Show us what really matters. Help us to let go of what does not. Bless our lives with the eternal purpose You created us to walk out.

Let us not be distracted by the enemy or entertain any lies of unworthiness. Every human being on this earth is loved. No one is an accident. You love all of us and are faithful to meet us right where we are at. There is no need to do anything to gain Your love, Father. Please, for anyone who does not know how loved they are by You or does not know who Jesus is …let today be the day everything changes …from the inside out.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

September 17, 2022 Your Daily Prayer for Saturday

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