The Upper Room 1 August 2022 Monday | God the Creator

The Upper Room 1 August 2022 Monday | God the Creator

The Upper Room 1 August 2022 Monday | God the Creator

Read and Meditate on Today’s The Upper Room Daily Devotional for Monday 1st August 2022, written by John D. Bown. God bless you as you study today!

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Today’s Topic: God the Creator
John D. Bown (Minnesota, USA)

Psalm 8:1-9

How do I experience God in creation?

You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being. – Revelation 4:11 (NIV)

The immense scope and minute detail of creation convinces me that there is a God. I read that if the distance between the Earth and the Sun were the thickness of one piece of paper, the distance across our galaxy would be a stack of paper 310 miles high! And then there’s the intricacy of the human body: the length of all our blood vessels laid end to end is over 60,000 miles, and the eye is made up of more than two million moving parts!

Science continues to try to explain the how of creation, and it’s interesting to hear the various theories. But more important to me than the how is the why. We get a straightforward answer to that when we read the Bible. God created this world to display God’s glory. And then, in an embodiment of love, God created us in an image of the divine and gave us life so that we could enjoy creation and worship our Creator.

What a gift it is to take pleasure in the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation! It’s a reminder to take time out of our busy schedules to simply reflect on our remarkable world and worship the Almighty who created it.

Heavenly Creator, thank you for the love you express in creation’s beauty and for allowing us to be part of it. May we bring honor and glory to you. Amen.

Caretakers of creation

The Upper Room 1 August 2022 Monday | God the Creator

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