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DCLM Daily Manna 5 August 2019 – Wasted Talent

DCLM Daily Manna 5 August 2019 – Wasted Talent, written by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi


TEXT: Judges 14:1-11

KEY VERSE: “And Samson said unto his father, get her for me for she pleaseth me well” – (Judges 14:3b).

MESSAGE: In his book, “Talent is never Enough”, John C. Maxwell writes, “Having talent without focus is like being an octopus on roller skates. You can be sure that there will be plenty of movement, but you won’t know in what direction it will be. Focus can bring tremendous power. With it, you find that your talent and abilities gain direction and intentionality. And these qualities pay off by producing results”.

Our text tells of Samson’s trip to the Philistine city of Timnath to seek a wife. Despite the parents’ protest as to the propriety of his action, he insisted because the woman “pleaseth” [him] well”. His great power came into display when on the way he tore a lion that roared at him with bare hands. The marriage was eventually contracted on his second visit, which marked the starting of his life’s journey.

Today: DCLM Daily Manna 5 August 2019 by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

A Chinese proverb says, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”. The journey of Samson to Timnath marked the beginning of a God ordained ministry which ended in tragedy. His lack of temperance; his lustful disposition and incoherent decisions truncated the wonderful ministry God gave him. As one looks at the life and times of Samson, the great power given him; the expectations from both God and Israel and his dismal end, one cannot but feel disappointed at the colossal wastage of divine resources.

To receive talents is one thing, but to effectively use them is another. Solomon, who though was endowed with great wisdom and wealth beyond every other king, eventually went into idolatry with his numerous strange wives. Christ has called us and given us different talents. We must be careful not to waste them so as not to incur God’s wrath on that final day like the unprofitable servant in Christ’s parable (Matthew 25:14?-30).

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Use your talents for God’s glory.


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