RCCG Fasting And Prayer Points

RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points Day 20

RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points Day 20, RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points Day 20

RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points Day 20

You are reading Today’s RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points for Day 20. Pray for (Manifestation of God’s Power And Glory In Nigeria)

BIBLE TEXT(s): EXODUS 5:1-2, EXODUS 12:29-32, ACTS 3:1-10.

INTRODUCTION: Manifestation of God’s power naturally brings conviction. Pharaoh doubted God in Exodus 5:1-2 but he bowed after he encountered the power of God Exodus 12:29-32. Whenever impossible becomes possible, like the case at the beautify Gate, Acts 3:1-10), then the glory of God manifests.

TODAY’S PRAYER POINTS: RCCG 22nd November 2020 Fasting And Prayer Points Day 20

1. Father, I thank you for the whole world is full of your wonders, in Jesus name.
2. Father. I thank you for the manifestation of your glory that the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus has brought to the whole world, in Jesus name.
3. Lord. I thank you for salvation of souls of Nigerians in readiness for manifestation of your glory in Nigeria.
4. Father; we thank you for manifestation of your power and glory in Nigeria.
5. Father, let there be greater manifestation of your power all over Nigeria in Jesus Name

6. Father, Release the spirit of healing, that Nigeria will become the final point for anyone seeking healing all over the world.
7. Father; Let your light shine in Nigeria that everyone will give glory to your name in Jesus name. Matt 5:16
8. Father, let the spirit of holiness cover Nigeria as water covers the sea in Jesus Name.
9. My father, make my life a wonder to my generation in Jesus name.
10.Except by signs and miracles, many will not believe, Father restore the era of sign, miracles and wonder in Nigeria in Jesus name

11.Father show all that oppress the innocent ones in Nigeria your power to stop their oppression in Jesus name.
12.Father, terminate the activities of the insurgents in Nigeria by manifestation of your power in Jesus name.
13.Father, by your power, convert all the leaders of the insurgents to evangelists in Nigeria in Jesus name.
14.Father, by your power, let all the kidnappers surrender to your lordship and serve you as you converted Saul who became Paul in Jesus name.
15.Father, manifest your glory in Nigeria through a revival that will shake the whole world in Jesus name.

16.Father, anoint me so that evil forces will see me and run in Jesus name.
17.Father, let holiness become a lifestyle in this nation Nigeria in Jesus Name.
18.Father, demonstrate your power in Nigeria that people will come from all over the world to encounter you in Jesus name.
19.Father, through the manifestations of signs and miracles in Nigeria, let more unbelievers believe you and be saved in Jesus name.
20.Father, demonstrate your power over many Pharaohs and Herod’s of our time who needed to encounter you, for the glory of your name. RCCG Live Sunday Service 22nd November 2020 by Pastor E. A. Adeboye – Livestream

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