In Touch Devotional By Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 11 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 11 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 11 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

You are welcome to Today’s In Touch Daily Devotional written by Dr Charles Stanley and published by In Touch Ministry. Charles F. Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries and a New York Times best-selling author. He demonstrates a keen awareness of people’s needs and provides Christ-centered biblically-based principles for everyday life.

Today’s Topic: Pray Without Losing Heart
Don’t be discouraged when God’s answers don’t come as quickly as you want—He is up to something good.

Scripture: Luke 18:1-8

In Touch Devotional for 11 January 2023 (MESSAGE)

One of the most difficult aspects of prayer is perseverance. Not only do our newly made commitments to be more consistent often fail; our willingness to continue petitioning the Lord also tends to wane with time when answers aren’t forthcoming. But God’s promise to answer His children’s prayers hasn’t proven false—even if we don’t see results as soon as we hoped.

The Lord, who is sovereign over heaven and earth, works everything according to His purposes. With our limited human understanding, we don’t always know whether our petitions fit God’s plan or timetable. But whether He grants our requests or not, we can be certain that His way and timing are always best and for our good.

It’s in the wait that the Lord accomplishes spiritual work in our life—training us to trust Him in the delays, rest in His wisdom to decide what’s best, and persevere in prayer as He commands. To demand immediate answers to our requests would be to act like spiritual toddlers. The ability to wait is a sign of maturity, and that’s what God desires for us. So keep praying, be patient, and persevere, because in the process, you’re becoming more like Christ.

Bible in One Year: Genesis 36-38

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