Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 16 August 2022

Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 16 August 2022

Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 16 August 2022

Welcome to August 16, 2022, Daily Inspirational Message of JOEL OSTEEN. Be inspired with Joel Osteen Daily Message.


It’s not too late to become all you were created to be. God hasn’t forgotten about the dreams He put in your heart. You’re not running out of time; you’re running into time. God is ordering your steps. Opportunities that didn’t happen years earlier, you didn’t miss them; it wasn’t the right time. The door had to close; it was all setting you up for the best. God saves the best for next.

Sometimes we feel like we have no more: no more strength, no more vision, no more health. That’s okay. There are seasons where you come to an end, and you run out of a good thing. What runs out in your life is not a surprise to God: the relationship that didn’t make it, the company that let you go, the loved one you lost, the health that went down. That doesn’t mean that you’ve seen your best days. It means that new levels of favor are coming, new levels of your destiny: better health, better opportunities, better relationships. God doesn’t bring you out the same.
Listen now to this message from Joel, “The Best is Next”:

Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 16 August 2022

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