Joyce Meyer 1 September 2022 Devotional for Thursday

Joyce Meyer 1 September 2022 Devotional for Thursday

Joyce Meyer 1 September 2022 Devotional for Thursday

Read and Meditate on Today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional for Thursday 1st September 2022 written by Joyce Meyer. God bless you as you study His Word, Amen



Scripture: He changes the times and the seasons…. Daniel 2:21 (AMPC)

Years ago, I enjoyed a good job as part of a church staff. I had a thriving ministry, a regular paycheck, and plenty of opportunities to do what I loved and felt called to do. Then there came a time when God spoke to me about leaving that job and taking my ministry “to the north, south, east, and west.” I heard Him say, “This season in your life is complete; I am finished with you in this place.”

In my heart, I knew God had spoken. Nevertheless, I had a mixture of excitement and fear about starting my own ministry. I wanted to venture beyond what I had known to that point, but I was afraid of making a mistake and losing what I had. I wanted to see what God would do, but I was afraid to take such a big step into unknown territory.

Sometimes God gets finished with something and we keep hanging on to it. My spirit wanted to step out, but my flesh wanted to stay. I had a lot of security in the position God was calling me to leave, and I didn’t want to give it up. But eventually I did obey Him and today I enjoy ministry around the world. Remember that God changes things and when He does, we must be willing to follow His leading.

Prayer of the Day: God, please help me as I listen for Your voice. Please lead me when I need to make changes in my life, amen.

Joyce Meyer 1 September 2022 Devotional for Thursday


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