MFM Daily Devotional 5th February 2023: Don’’t Hang Your Harp (II)

MFM Daily Devotional 4th February 2023: Don’’t Hang Your Harp (I)

MFM Daily Devotional 5th February 2023: Don’’t Hang Your Harp (II)


Read and study Today’s MFM Daily Devotional February 5th, 2023. God bless you as you meditate, Amen.

Today’s Topic Don’’t Hang Your Harp (II) Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya(DKO)

Bible In One Year:
Exodus 36–38; Matthew 23:1–22

Memory Verse: Psalm 57:8
Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.

Motivational Quote:
When a harper goes to sleep, the harp also lies dormant and a dormant harp will breed a dormant glory. Awake! It is not the time to sleep. The world awaits the sound from your harp.

Prophetic word for Today:
As you praise God Almighty today, He shall arise and turn your enemies against one another, in the Name of Jesus.

Fire Scripture: Psalm 108:1-4
108 God, I am ready, heart and soul,
to sing songs of praise.
Wake up, my soul!
2 Harps and lyres, wake up,
and let’s wake the dawn!
3 Lord, I will praise you before all people.
I will sing praises about you to every nation.
4 Your faithful love is higher
than the highest clouds in the sky!

Praise & Worship

MFM Daily Devotional 5 February 2023 Message:

Yesterday, we saw what a harp connotes. We equally looked at how situations made the children of Israel and many believers in our days hang their harps. Today, we want to dwell further on the importance of engaging our harps.

In today’s memory verse, David said, “Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: myself will awake early.” Two things can be deduced from this statement: First, the harp of David had been sleeping all along and by extension his glory.

Second, it takes an early riser to successfully engage harps victoriously.

Here lies the question: Has your harp been sleeping or has it even gone into coma? It is time to awaken the giant in your harp for therein lies the secret of victory for each day.

Note that when some harps go to sleep, the glory of the harper might also follow suit. Some glories are fast asleep simply because their harps have been made to sleep. It is time to awaken your sleeping harps and glories.

You also need to awaken yourself early for it takes an earlier riser to engage a harp successfully. You need to set the tone for your day by rising early to give thanks to your Maker.

People that rise up each day complaining never cease to have reasons to complain throughout the day. Likewise, people that start the day by giving thanks never cease to give thanks throughout the day.

Beloved, if your harp is sleeping, it is time to rise early and awaken it. Give thanks to God early in the morning. There lies your strength to face an uncertain day.

Awake beloved; awake, sing and dance unto the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength!


1. You, my sleeping giant, wake up, in the Name of Jesus.

2. You, my slumbering glory, wake up and manifest, in the Name of Jesus.

3. You, my dormant harp and psaltery, wake up and praise the Lord, in the Name of Jesus.

4. Every anti-joy spirit in me, die, in the Name of Jesus.

5. Powers assigned to deplete my joy, be wasted, in the Name of Jesus.

6. I refuse to sleep the sleep of sorrow and death, in the Name of Jesus.

7. I shall sing my song and dance my dance, whether the enemy likes or not, in the Name of Jesus.

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