Morning Devotion Today 25 May 2022 | The Message And The World

Morning Devotion Today 25 May 2022 | The Message And The World

Morning Devotion Today 25 May 2022 | The Message And The World

Welcome to This Morning Devotional Message for Today 25th May 2022, written by Frances Taylor


Scripture: John 15:18-20

Today’s Topic: The Message and The World

It’s impossible to please everyone and that’s especially true when you’re trying to change things. The message of Jesus called for change. When we bring the same message to the world, we can expect problems. We might wonder why anyone would be against justice and love, or compassion and forgiveness, but we see evidence all the time of people who try to resist. It’s because we all have ideas about who should have justice or mercy or who should be forgiven.

There is a need for some people to see punishment that seems more like revenge than justice. And it seems that no one is interested in mercy! Jesus talked about forgiveness, going the extra mile, not returning violence with violence. Does that look like the community you live in? If so, I want to move there because it doesn’t look like mine.

When we try to turn this around, we are not met with encouragement. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when people turn against the prophets of our time. And it also shouldn’t surprise us that people don’t want to get involved and keep their heads low because they don’t want to get hurt.

To spread the good news takes courage, but if we persevere, eventually there will be people who will listen and the world will become a more loving place.

Lord, give me the courage to work for change and bring more of the kingdom alive in our world. Amen.

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