New Month Prayer For May 2023 with Bible Verse

New Month Prayer For May 2023 with Bible Verse

New Month Prayer For May 2023 with Bible Verse

Powerful New Month Prayer Points For May 2023

Oh God, look down on our earth and take control of every affair. Let the hand of the adversary go weak in the name of Jesus.

Grant me establishment in this month, and let there be a harvest of fat things in my life and ministry in the name of Jesus.

Make my life become an expression of great grace and glory that has not been seen before in the name of Jesus.

Let signs and wonders follow me because I believe in you. Make me a point of reference to your goodness in this new month. Amen.

I call forth for help from all over the world from both the people I know and people I do not know. Let your help locate me speedily in the name of Jesus.

Father, let your blessings overtake me so that my life shall become a practical template of divine blessings.

Let your goodness and mercy flow into my life like rivers without cessation. Let them flow continues until there are no longer rooms to contain them.

Dear Father, open the door of abundance and surplus unto me so that I do not understand scarcity and difficulties in anything and I shall be able to meet up with the demands of the day. Amen.

Let favor locate me from the rising of the sun to its going down. The goodness of the Lord shall not cease over my life in the name of Jesus.

Dear God and mighty Father, arise and fight for me. Give me rest from all my struggles and increase my greatness. Amen.


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