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NSPPD 21Days Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2024 – Day 11


NSPPD 21Days Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2024 – Day 11

NSPPD 21Days Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2024 – Day 11

Welcome to Streams of Joy International’s Annual 21 Days Fasting and Prayers which starting from 8th to 28th January 2024 with Pastor Jerry Eze. Join the breaking of the Fast daily at 5:30pm on YouTube or Facebook page of the Church.


Read/Study/Meditate: (Psalm 121, Psalm 46, Psalm 3, 1 Chronicles 12:1-22, Luke 10:30-35, 2 Samuel 9:1-13, 16:1-4, 19:24-30)

EL-ROI My Helper, I know you see me! In areas where human protocols and systems have failed me in previous years, This 2024, By your mercies, please be to me who and what I need! Let me be the next to testify that I have indeed seen the God that sees me to help, to lift, to change and turn my life around. (John 5:1-15, Psalm 121)

2024: I AM AWAKE! My Eyes are opened to see! My ears are opened to hear! Let That Help that awakens men into their divine nature, causes men to see things before they happen, be activated in my life! Demonic Spiritual slumber, Fire! Not in 2024: I am awake! (Zechariah 4:1-6)

For Every area of my life where I was slowed down, delayed, denied, tossed aside, this 2024, I receive Help to BOUNCE BACK! By the Resurrection power at work in me, I step into the scene bigger, stronger, better, wiser! Hallelujah!

Help that capacitates men to carry their long awaited answers, rest on me! As it was for Sarah, I receive Strength to birth the fulfillment of my prophecy and emerge as the next testifier that What God cannot do does not exist! (Hebrews 11:11-12)

January to December 2024: Before any new day arrives, I declare Help shall already be laid for me! Let everything begin to align!

This is the year of my rising, 2024 is the year of my manifestation and I will not stop myself! I will be at the right place at the right time, I walk with clarity and precision, my paths and the paths of those that matter, connect by Fire! Amen! (Romans 8:19)

Wherever I have asked, how shall this thing be? Holyghost overshadow me, incubate me, cover me, grant me that help that man cannot give until I carry my evidence! (John 14:16, Luke 1:26-38)

I raise an altar of generational Help, no matter where I am or where my family memebers are, help will find us. Any opposition that shall arise against our help, Fire! (2 Samuel 9:7)

O EARTH, the same way you helped the woman in Revelations 12:6, wherever I step into, Help my destiny, Deliver your best! Dragons, Old serpents that shall arise against my prophecy fulfillment in 2024, swallow by Fire! (Revelations 12)

As it was Mordecai, I receive help from unlikely sources! Hamans that tried to kill me will facilitate my rising! What tried to slow me down will accelerate me, the same things that tried to bring me down will elevate me. My testimony shall be, All things are working! (Esther 6:1-14)

It is still my year to gather gold like dust! Like Peter, I receive help to know where the money is! Where others see nothing, I see treasures! I move From Not enough, Less than enough to more than enough! This 2024: I will not be found in any Financial wilderness! (Matthew 17:24-27)

The doors/gates of the city/nation I live in will never be locked against me! I activate the ministry of Angels over my 2024! As it was for Peter, let even doors and gates I did not knock on begin to open for me! (Acts 12:5-17)

Every door/gate shut against my helpers, hear the Word of the Lord, EPHPHATHA! 2024; I see them entering! (1 Chronicles 12:12-23)

No good story of my life will be told in the past! No helper ordained for my destiny will turn around and become a destroyer! No helper will become a hater! By the mercies of God, I declare they are preserved! (Proverbs 10:22)

As it was for Elijah, Lord let your mighty Hand rest upon me, I receive that Help that causes men on foot to outrun men on chariots! In the same places where I was delayed, I overtake! (1 Kings 18:46)



NSPPD 21Days Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2024 - Day 11

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