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Pastor Jerry Eze Daily Prophetic Declarations 25 July 2022 (NSPPD)

Pastor Jerry Eze Daily Prophetic Declarations 25 July 2022 (NSPPD)

Pastor Jerry Eze Daily Prophetic Declarations 25 July 2022 (NSPPD)

Happy New week… Receive DIVINE HELP as you prophetically make these Declarations by Papa Jerry Eze from the Altar of Fire!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Pastor Jerry Eze Daily Prophetic Declarations 25 July 2022 (NSPPD)

By divine help I decree and declare, arise out of every valley. Help has come. You are coming out of that valley, of every obscurity, of every tight corner, of every difficult place. Help has come.

And when the 10 lepers cried out to the God of all help, help came their way and the infirmity was reversed, when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of His garment, help came and the fountain of her flow dried up. And the Psalmist said I will look up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord. By the force of divine help, not man made help, let every negative report, no matter how conclusive, let it be reversed.

The Lord cannot help a man and the gate of hell will prevail. God of all help, Lord send help, speedy help and let very evil report be reversed.

For the Son of righteousness has arisen with healing in his wings. I announce help is coming . You are not alone. He sees your tears, He sees what you are afraid of and He has asked us to tell you, Help has come. Let every pain and bitter tears be rolled away.

And Aser made a prayer and said it is nothing for you to help with many or with few. I decree whether things are aligning or not, By the power and the force of divine help, let every reproach be rolled away.

As your amen will thunder, out of very stubborn challenge, receive help right now.

Any power that has poured dust on your manifestation, I command it is reversed.

God is sending you help that will restore 10yrs in one day. Receive your help.

For when the Lord helped Sarah the Bible said she received strength to conceive. By the power of divine help, Strength is released. To conceive new ideas, to become a Sharp threshing instrument in the hands of the Lord that has got teeth, to face the adversary, to bring down Goliath, for an emergence, for an open door. Receive it right now!

That kind of help that will birth congratulations, that will birth uncommon celebration. As your amen will thunder, it is arriving your house. It shall be called congratulations and celebration by divine help. Receive it right now.

By the help of the almighty, hear me as I hear the Lord, no good story of your life will be told in the past tense.

By the force of divine help, every delay is broken from your life. The help of God is tearing delay.

At the sound of your amen , you will get there. By the help of the Lord, You may be the least qualified, unwanted, the ignored, the underdog, but by the help of the Lord I announce you will arrive there. You will get there by the help of the Lord. Move, the Lord is with you the Lord has helped you . The Lord has given it to you. You will get to that position. You will get to that joy. You will get that laughter.

There is a river whose streams makes glad the city of our God. The Lord is in the midst of her. The Lord will help her and that right early. I decree receive early help!

The Lord said I’m releasing help against premature death.

From the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, any deposit that is not of the lord in your body soul and spirit, I command let it be shaken off by fire. Help has come I command fall off by fire. Drop off by fire. By the power that raised Jesus form the dead, whatever it is, let it drop off right now.

You will not see shame. Help has come! It will not happen the way the devil planned it!
I decree that help has come.

Pastor Jerry Eze Daily Prophetic Declarations 25 July 2022 (NSPPD)

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