Seeds of Destiny Devotional by Dr Paul Enenche

Seeds of Destiny 7 March 2019 – The Dedication of David

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Seeds of Destiny 7 March 2019 Devotional – The Dedication of David written by Pastor Paul Enenche.


SCRIPTURE: As the hart panteth after the water brooks,”so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God”: when shall I come and appear before God? Psalm 42:1-2.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Dedicated people have a rigid schedule of prayer with God which cannot be broken.

David was a man unusually dedicated to God. The Scriptures make it clear that David was brutally dedicated to God (Psalms 63:1-2). He operated in the realm of die-less passion for God to the point that the yearning of his soul for God was compared with how the hart pants after the water brook (Psalm 42:1-2). His thirst for God made him to seek God early even in a dry and thirsty land (Psalm 63:1-3).

Today’s Seeds of Destiny 7 March 2019 – The Dedication of David.

The outcome of that passion for God was that he was a man of prayer and the Word of God.

David prayed effortlessly. David had a schedule of prayer; he prayed three times a day (Psalms 55:17). The proof of being dedicated to God is having a schedule of prayer times with God which you are committed to. Dedicated people value their time of prayer with God. They are practically useless if they have not communicated with God. For a person to proceed through life in comfortability without times of prayer and communion with God places a question mark on their dedication to God.

Apart from prayer,”David was a man of God’s Word; he studied and meditated on God’s Word consistently (Psalm 119″:97,”Psalm 119″:113,”and Psalm 119″:163).

Beloved,”your love for God’s Word is a proof of your dedication to Him. Dedicated people are lovers of God’s Word. They meditate on God’s Word; they do not allow vain thoughts to take the place of the Word of God in their hearts. To be dedicated to God, you must make a habitual practice of studying the Word and praying consistently. My counsel is, follow the dedication path of David.

ASSIGNMENTS – Seeds of Destiny 7 March 2019:

1. Take a closer study of the life and dedication of David.

2. Ask God to baptize you with an unconquerable passion for His Presence.

PRAYER: O Lord,”I ask for an unconquerable passion for You and Your purpose for my life. Help me to seek You at all times, Lord in Jesus’ Name.


DAILY READING: Numbers 8:1 to 9: 23,”Mark 13″:14 to 37,”Psalm 50″:1 to 23,”Proverbs 10″:29 to 30.

QUOTE: Passion determines the future. Culled from 15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL by Dr Paul Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: The human heart weighs less than 1 pound. However,”a man’s heart, on average, is 2 ounces heavier than a woman’s heart.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 07/03/2013 – Hilary Mantel is awarded the 2013 David Cohen Prize for literature.

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