Streams In The Desert Devotional

Streams In The Desert 13th February 2021 Devotional – Specialize in the Impossible

Streams In The Desert 13th February 2021 Devotional - Specialize in the Impossible

Streams In The Desert 13th February 2021 Devotional – Specialize in the Impossible

You are reading Today  Saturday 13th February 2021 Streams In The Desert Daily Devotional written by L. B. Cowman to inspire and bless you. May the grace of the Lord be upon you for better understanding in Jesus’ name, Amen.


SCRIPTURE: The hill country shall be thine – Josh 17:18

There is always room higher up. When the valleys are full of Canaanites, whose iron chariots withstand your progress, get up into the hills, occupy the upper spaces. If you can no longer work for God, pray for those who can. If you cannot move earth by your speech, you may move Heaven. If the development of life on the lower slopes is impossible, through limitations of service, the necessity of maintaining others, and such-like restrictions, let it break out toward the unseen, the eternal, the Divine.

Faith can fell forests. Even if the tribes had realized what treasures lay above them, they would hardly have dared to suppose it possible to rid the hills of their dense forest-growth. But as God indicated their task, He reminded them that they had power enough. The visions of things that seem impossible are presented to us, like these forest-covered steeps, not to mock us, but to incite us to spiritual exploits which would be impossible unless God had stored within us the great strength of His own indwelling.

Difficulty is sent to reveal to us what God can do in answer to the faith that prays and works. Are you straitened in the valleys? Get away to the hills, live there; get honey out of the rock, and wealth out of the terraced slopes now hidden by forest. —Daily Devotional Commentary

Got any rivers they say are uncrossable,
Got any mountains they say ’can’t tunnel through’?
We specialize in the wholly impossible,
Doing the things they say you can’t do.
—Song of the Panama builders

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