Streams of Joy Devotional With Pastor Jerry Eze

Streams of Joy Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2022 | Day 9 Prayer Points

Streams of Joy Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2022 | Day 9 Prayer Points

Streams of Joy Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2022 | Day 9 Points With Pastor Jerry Eze

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21 DAYS FASTING AND PRAYER [DAY 9] – 18th January 2022

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer Day 9 – 18 January 2022 Prayer Points


We’re on to our DAY 9 of OVERFLOW AND ABUNDANCE 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Read/Meditate – Psalms 23; Luke 5:1-11; 2 Chronicles 1

Day 9 | Streams of Joy Fasting And Prayer 18 January 2022

🔥 Fountains of my overflow : EPHAPHATHA! 7x

🔥 2022 is my year of overflow and abundance, any power that says that I will feed from hand to mouth, any power that says that overflow will not be my portion, right now, scatter by fire.

🔥 My spiritual ears are open therefore by the mercies of God, I receive that Divine instruction that will lead me to the place of my overflow.

🔥 My Heavenly Father is the king of the Universe, a thousand cattles upon the hills belongs to Him, He is not broke, He can never be broke therefore I will never be broke. I live in the overflow.

🔥 No more reduction; In my finances, business, career and ministry, I move from Glory to Glory. Ancient altars that cause men to move from plenty to nothing, from Grace to grass, I will never be your candidate, right now, catch fire.

🔥 The Blessing is upon my life; The Lord has given me the power to get wealth therefore Whatsoever I do prospers, whatever I lay my hands on flourishes. Amen

🔥 According to the order of Isaac, in the same place where others experience dryness, where nothing works for other, in that same place I carry my overflow. Where there is a casting down, my testimony will be that there is a lifting up.

🔥 The Lord has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies, the more they fight me, the more I rise; The more they put stumbling blocks before me, the more the stumbling blocks become stepping stones for my greater rising.

🔥 No lack! I command the elements of the earth, the wind/seas, cooperate and bring me my overflow! As I gather up, I move From not enough to more than enough!

🔥 Oh my Father, may I not be the enemy of my overflow. Oh Lord, anything in me that will repel my overflow, please Father by your mercy, take it away.

🔥 2022: I redeem you by the blood of Jesus! By the reason of the blood, I step into new realms of favor, I walk in a greater overflow, I celebrate back to back miracles that sound like lies – Joyful news everywhere!

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