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Redemption Ministries Bible Study Outline 29th September 2020 – The Power of Praise & Worship 2

Redemption Ministries Bible Study Outline 29th September 2020 – The Power of Praise & Worship 2

Redemption Ministries Bible Study Outline 29th September 2020 – The Power of Praise & Worship 2

Redemption Ministries
October 6, 2020


TEXT: EXODUS 15:1-2; JUDGES 5:1-3; ISAIAH 42:9-10; MATT. 26:29-30; EPH. 5:19.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in PSALMS and HYMNS and SPIRITUAL SONGS, SINGING with grace in your hearts to the Lord”. Col. 3:16

There is no doubt that the Church has misplaced the place of music in true worship. This is further made worst by those who have taken undue advantage of the economic boom it offers to systematically shift attention from the God of the praise to the artist in the praise. More worrisome too, is the widely acclaimed view of it as being part of the entertainment industry. Despite this generational gap created; the Bible still remains the only authentic source from which we can draw the genuine essence of Praise and Worship.

The incredible results that are obtained through praise to God exceeds human imagination. Take a critical look at the following:

1. As challenging and inappropriate (in human estimation) as the prison may be, Paul and Silas rediscovered the power of praise beyond limits. While they were physically bound and remained under arrest, one would have thought that it was an appropriate moment for them to complain and murmur. Rather than give up to these, they took to praise.

While it is relatively convenient to pray in silent without letting your neighbour hear, it takes a raised voice for two partners to sing in praises. The result of this action culminated in a spiritual dynamite that led to a SUDDEN earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison and forced open its doors. May God hear your song in the day of trouble. Acts 16:25-26.

2. One of the war strategies deployed by Christ prior to the cross was to engage the apostles in a session of hymn singing. Remarkably, it fortified, strengthen and equipped Him to face the challenges ahead. Matt. 26:29-30.

3. While prayer is often focused on meeting the human needs, praise is centred on God’s needs. Ps. 22:3
4. Praise offers the easiest access into God’s presence. Ps 100:4

5. Even the godless Babylonian captors knew the great power the songs of Zion willed. Unknown to the sons of Zion, they were indirectly being subjected in their hour of agony to worship the God that owns the land. No land is strange to worship God. Paul and Silas were not in their parlour neither were they at their convenient sanctuary when they praised and the place was shaken. They had an excellent concept of worship and used it to their advantage. Interestingly they were not compelled to sing the ungodly Babylonian songs which the captors knew had no power and hence the request for Zion Songs Ps. 137:1-4

6. One of God’s greatest weapons of war is praise and worship. 2 Chron. 20:20-24. May God give you a song in this season of praise.

7. Even as a serving king, David never played down nor replaced the place of praise and worship in honouring God with his kingly duties. 2 Sam 6:14-18

Redemption Ministries Bible Study Outline 29th September 2020

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