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Scripture Union Daily Guide 16 January 2023 | Devotional


Scripture Union Daily Guide 16 January 2023 | Devotional

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Today’s Topic: Let God Do His Job!

Opening Prayer: Let me know more of you today dear Lord as I meditate on your word.


Question(s) for Reflection
• Q 2: Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?

Outline For Scripture Union Daily Guide 16 January 2023

God has His own job, and He assigns ours to us. Sometimes, however, we leave ours undone and try to do His job for Him. It never works!

Moses evidently knew all about his Israelite identity and of God’s promise to their ancestors; and he was unhappy with their suffering (v.11). With his privilege and authority as adopted royalty, he believed that he was well equipped to help the God of Abraham to fulfil His promise. Killing one member of the hated race would be a start of the liberation of his people (v.12). It backfired, and the result was to drive him far away from where he could be of help (v.15)! On self exile!

Thankfully, God knows His job and He is able to do it, even when our well-meaning blunders cause a setback. He can re-set the clock and plot a new route which will still end up in the fulfilment of His plan and purpose. And so, God led Moses to the home of Jethro in Midian where he was to learn all about life and living in a desert environment. These are lessons which would serve him and his people well for forty years in the wilderness.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
Can you think of instances of trying to help God do His work? Thank God today for His overruling grace.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with Jeremiah 31:17

One Year Bible Reading Plan
Genesis 26, 27, Psalm 11

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