Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022

Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022

Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022

Join and Watch Today’s Wednesday Live Service 2nd March 2022 by Pastor Jerry Eze. Join the Livestream at 5pm. God bless you!

Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022


Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022

It’s MARCH… Your month of JOYFUL SOUNDS EVERYWHERE… Receive these Declarations by Papa Jerry Uchechukwu Eze🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Powers that blow off light in their season of great shining, I declare in your life, they are silenced by fire!

The same mercy that called forth Bartemaeus to his deliverance is calling you right now!

Everywhere you have stayed at a point for too long, Your story is changing right now!

By the mercies of God, your desires are entering into your hands!

By the mercies of God, step into your More!

That thing about the month of march that is a landmark of pain, I announce it is broken right now!

As your hands are lifted I declare, March will be different! God will show you mercy! Things will not remain the way they were. The Lord is galvanizing every system and structure to move in your favour! You will not cry again!

The Lord is helping you! Help is coming your way! Limitations are rolled away! The handwriting of ordinances are deleted! You will laugh again!

Those that have asked you where is your God, those that have said let’s see how God will help that one…. By the mercies of God, whose compassion never fails…all the earth will know…out of the compassion of God, the next seven days beginning from right now a major shift is coming!

Your laughter is coming. Your joy is coming! The Lord says You will not be stranded again! You will not be alone again!

  • Streams of Joy Wednesday Live Service 2 March 2022

Whatever that has been following your destiny that is not of God, at the sound of your amen, they are reversed right now!

May this second day in March be an anniversary for you!

As your amen will thunder, let every pain and affliction be rolled away by mercy!

Let mercy bring you into your inheritance. It begins right now. You will not see pain, you will not see shame.

Mercy is taking you to where you belong!

Everywhere you have suffered delay, you have prayed and fasted… The Lord is showing you mercy. Mercy is removing that delay. I decree, no more delay. By the mercy of God, arrive at your destination. Receive what you have asked for. Carry your miracle!

By the mercies of God, I announce it is complete. In 24hr, 48hrs, in 4 days and in 7 days. It won’t be more than seven days. Carry the completion of what God has started. The Lord is completing it right now!

Who took your staff? Who took your scepter and buried it underground. Wealth. Influence. Impact… Oh ye grave that covers greatness we command by the mercies of God, let the stone be rolled away!

Every family represented here, hear me as I hear the Lord. Powers that say that you won’t be what the Lord has destined you to be, powers that say that you will only clap for your mates, powers that say you won’t be significant. Powers that vowed that when you remember them, you will cry bitter tears. I announce they are broken!!!!
It is done!!!!

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