The Upper Room Devotional || 14 September 2022, Wednesday

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The Upper Room Devotional || 14 September 2022, Wednesday

The Upper Room Devotional || 14 September 2022, Wednesday

Welcome to The Upper Room Devotional for Wednesday 14th September 2022 written by Lea Anne Foster. God bless and prosper you as you read, study and meditate.


Topic: Running with Jesus
Lea Anne Foster (Virginia, USA)

John 11:25-36

God is with me every step of my way.

In [God] we live and move and have our being. – Acts 17:28 (NIV)

I felt numb in the weeks following my fifty-year-old brother’s death. My daily devotional time devolved into daydreaming. Procrastination replaced time set aside for prayer. Tears came easier than praise.

I was frozen, mourning my brother who spent his life in perpetual motion. He embodied Acts 17:28 by living, moving, and being in the presence of the Lord. He began walking at eight months, mastered any sport he attempted, gave full-body bear hugs, kneeled when he prayed, and clapped to praise songs. My brother, who used his athleticism and his body to glorify God, was gone. I felt alone and unmoored.

My usual ways of connecting with God felt hollow. Then God led me to take a page from my brother’s life in order to cope with his death. I needed to interact with God using my body, mind, and spirit. I started a running regimen. Some runs were filled with intercessory prayers for our parents and my brother’s children. Some runs were spent peppering God with questions about my brother’s too-short life. As I ran, I became aware of my rhythmic footsteps and God’s air in my lungs as a healing balm for my spirit.

Mile after mile, I experienced God’s presence and understanding. And just as Jesus loved and wept for his friends, he wept with me and gave me peace as we ran the miles together.

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving us and for your promise of life eternal. Amen.

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The Upper Room Devotional || 14 September 2022, Wednesday