Today’s Joel Osteen 17 November 2022 Thursday Devotional

Today’s Joel Osteen 17 November 2022 Thursday Devotional

Welcome to Joel Osteen Daily Devotional for 17th November 2022 written by Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen. Be inspired and be blessed on each day, reading and meditating on God’s Word!

Pastor Joel Osteen is a motivational and inspirational writer and author of many books that has blessed millions of people around. Don’t forget, Joel Osteen Scott is the lead pastor at Lakewood Church with over 45,000 attendants.

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Today’s Joel Osteen 17 November 2022 Thursday Devotional

Today’s Topic: Foreshadowing

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 41:42, NIV
Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his finger and put it on Joseph’s finger. He dressed him in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck.

Today’s Word With Joel Osteen

When Joseph was a teenager, his father gave him a special robe of many colors that represented favor, but his jealous brothers bloodied that robe and sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt. For thirteen years he was a slave and then a prisoner. I can imagine that he desperately wanted his robe back, wanted his old life back, but that would have kept him from God’s purpose of putting on a robe of great honor, influence, and authority as prime minister of Egypt. The colorful robe simply foreshadowed what God was about to do.

Don’t spend your life wishing you could go back to when you knew you were favored—before the setback, before the health issue, before the layoff. Here’s the key: Not having the robe of many colors doesn’t mean that you don’t have favor; it means greater favor is coming. You had to lose that robe to step into the awesome future God has in store. You haven’t seen, heard, or imagined the greater things God is about to do.

Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that there’s nothing You can’t do, and there’s not a mountain You can’t move to get me to where You want me to be. Thank You that You are my way maker, my promise keeper, my miracle worker. I believe that I have Your favor and am about to step into an awesome future. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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