Streams of Joy Devotional With Pastor Jerry Eze

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 20 January 2023

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 20 January 2023

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 20 January 2023

NSPPD 2023 Fasting And Prayer Points for Day 12


Dearest Burning and Shining Light, Welcome to Day 12 of our 21 Days Fasting and PrayersπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Prayer Theme: Operation Stop the Stoppers
Study/Meditate: Matthew 16:18, 1 Samuel 17:45, 30:8, Isaiah 49:25

2023 : I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!! 7x
I am a moving fire, my Heavenly Father, the one who lives in me is the consuming fire therefore I cannot be stopped! Satanic blockades on my destiny path, be consumed! (Psalm 104:4, Hebrews 12:29)

This 2023, I do not negotiate with demons, I see what is mine, I step in, I take it! Oh Lord arise in your jealousy, tear down every power that shall arise to contend with your promises and prophecies over my life! (Exodus 20:4-6)

Who Can Stop My Congratulations, When the Lord has Commanded it ? Who can say no when my God says Yes? Which hand can close a door that Jehovah has opened for me? If they try, let Fire answer! (Lamentations 3:37)

I will not be stopped, I will not be hindered, I will not be delayed. Territorial forces of Hell standing at the gates of my “More” in 2023, your end has come, Angels of Fire, Arise, drag them out by Fire! I enter with Glory and Power! (Psalm 44:5)

I am connected to the NSPPD Altar of Fire, The Grace at work in Streams of Joy is upon me! Therefore I cannot be small! I will not be stopped, nothing can tie me down! I break out, I break forth, Let there be an outburst of mega turnarounds in my life! (Hebrews 13:8)

I am not Ephraim! This 2023, I WILL NOT STOP MYSELF! I Will not sabotage myself! Any Distraction from the pit of Hell, Whatever that is in me that will delay/deny the manifestations of my prophecies, Lord take it away, deliver me by your mercy! (Hosea 13:13 msg)

On the day of my celebrations, nothing will go wrong! My congratulations will not be interrupted by evil emergency! My sounds of Joy will not be mixed with lamentations! As my congratulations arrive, surely they shall gather but In the order of Isaiah 54:15, I declare go down by Fire! (Eph 5:16, Psalm 16:5)

Jesus is the way! I am born of His Spirit, Baptized in his Fire, His Light shines through me, as I go forth, everyone connected to me must find their way through my life! Whatever has been holding them back, I declare break! (Colossians 1:27)

The Lord has made a way, as I go forth, I move with hosts of angels! Lord Increase my capacity, my steps must be a terror to darkness, where others were swallowed in their health, finances, business and careers, I am covered, I am protected, I am unstoppable! (2 Kings 7:1-7)

2023: THE BATTLES ARE OVER!!! Every power that has vowed that I will not enter my rest this 2023, you are a liar, right now, by fire, by thunder, scatter! I see rest on all sides! (Revelations 5:5)

Whatever/Whoever has stood as mountain before me, my family, career, business and Ministry, according to the order of Zerubabel, become a plain! I step on you! Stoppers on my journey to Glory: UNDER MY FEET!!!(Zechariah 4:7)

By the 31st of December this year, my testimony shall be 2023 did not end the way the Devil planned it! It ended in praise for What God Cannot Do, Does not exist!(Psalm 44:3)

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