The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional for 22nd November 2022

Topic: Peppermint - The Upper Room Devotional for 22 November 2022

The Upper Room Devotional for 22nd November 2022

Welcome!!! The word of God is food to the spirit man. As you read The Upper Room Devotional Today, may the word of the Lord powerfully impact on you.

The Upper Room Devotional for 22nd November 2022

Topic: Peppermint
Andreea Nicolae (England, United Kingdom)

Mark 4:30-34

The kingdom of God lives in me.

The Upper Room Devotional For 22nd November 2022

The kingdom of God is within you. – Luke 17:21 (KJV)

As I read again the parable of the mustard seed this morning, I am reminded of the time I spent in my garden last week planting seeds. The peppermint seeds were the smallest of the bunch. But because peppermint grows and spreads quickly, I know these little seeds will eventually take over my garden.

The kingdom of God works in a similar way. When we receive Jesus into our hearts, we wake up to a whole new way of loving God, ourselves, and others. The seed of this transformation is small at the beginning, but as we follow Jesus day by day, it grows roots, gains strength, and spreads everywhere. And just like a garden, the seed of the kingdom of God also needs to be nurtured. We can do this by reading the Bible, praying, and practicing faithful obedience to God.

Now every time I look at my peppermint plant and water it, I will remember that my soul also needs spiritual watering so that the kingdom of God will grow roots and spread — in me and through me to the world.

Creator God, thank you for the transformation that is possible through Jesus Christ. Guide us so that we can nurture the seed of your kingdom that lives in our hearts. Amen.


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